Who are we ?

Ibex Gin is a small company that produces two artisanal Swiss gins in the Alps. The first one is a Dry Gin flavored with peppers and the second one is a Classic London Dry Gin.

Our history

Three friends with a common passion. Which ? Gin, you guessed it!

Léandre through his studies in biotechnology was able to learn about the principle of distillation. Curious and a gin lover, he practiced making gin and started looking for a recipe. He then talked to Thomas about it and the idea of creating our own brand was born. However, the project stagnated for several months and it is when Thomas included Oscar in the project that the creation of our brand became a reality. At that time, when the three were united, the brand IBEX GIN was born.

Why Ibex and Alpine Gin?

Apart from our common passion for gin, we share a deep attachment to our mountains and its ecosystem. This is why we have chosen the ibex to symbolize the alpine environment.

And the spice in all this?

We wanted to create a quality gin that is out of the ordinary. By this time, Léandre had received a chili plant and it was suggested that she incorporate it into our gin recipe. The idea was immediately adopted! Chilli was therefore the ingredient chosen to stand out and to offer an original note to the taste buds of our customers.

Our Gin

Our Alpine Swiss Gin reveals notes of citrus and juniper. The great feature of this gin is the infusion of peppers that gives it all its flavors while remaining pleasant in the mouth.

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Discover our latest recipes.

Manda Gin

A gin and tonic with Ibex gin, mandarin, tonic and some ice cubes as ingredients.

Cocktail MandaGin Ibex

Red Snapper

The Red Snapper is a cocktail similar to Bloody Marys but with gin. The advantage of Ibex Gin? The pepper is already in the Gin.

Cocktail Red Snapper Ibex